10 Tips To Slay Your Airbrush Tanning Sesh

10 Tips To Slay Your Airbrush Tanning Sesh

Getting an airbrush tan is a healthy and safe alternative to tanning beds and excessive sun exposure and can help you achieve a gorgeous bronzed glow in a matter of hours. 

Before Your Appointment

  • Shower and exfoliate the night before your appointment. Be sure to get skin clean and exfoliated with a scrub that does not have an oil base as it may leave a residue on the skin. Now you have the perfect canvas for your tan
  • After you shower and before your appointment, limit the use of any products such as perfume, lotion, makeup or deodorant. Having any product on your skin can affect the consistency and color of your tan

The Day Of Your Appointment

  • Arrive at your appointment with your hair pulled up and away from your skin.
  • Wear loose-fitting, dark-colored clothing to avoid any transfer of color to the fabric. 
  • Make sure your technician is aware of any trouble spots you may have noticed during previous tanning sessions. 

After Your Appointment

  • Do not apply anything to your skin for the rest of the day, including perfume, lotion, makeup and deodorant. 
  • Wait 10 to 12 hours before showering or getting wet. This will allow your tan to dry completely. 
  • Avoid sweating for 10 to 12 hours, and wait to exercise until after you have taken your first shower after your appointment. 
  • Your shower should be a warm rinse without soap. During the shower you will notice some color run off, no worries this is normal, your tan is fine. 
  • Don’t forget to moisturize every morning and evening with a product that does not contain mineral oil and is fragrance free.