Our experienced estheticians will customize your facial, using the most advanced products and techniques to give you the most dramatic results for your skin type and condition.


Signature Day Spa Facial
A unique treatment infused with anti-aging ingredients to reveal a flawless, vibrant, healthy glow.
*Personalized for all skin types.
$120 (60 Min)
Ultimate Relaxation
An unmatched sensorial experience that is as luxurious and elegant as it is effective. Your facial begins with a relaxing back massage and includes a scalp, decollete, shoulder, neck, arm & hand massage.
*Great for all skin types.
$165 (90 Min)
Glow On The Go
A refreshing mini-facial to give you maximum benefits in minimal time.
*Perfect for all skin types
$75 (30 Min)
Clean Teen
An introduction to proper skincare and products.
*Personalized for all skin types.
$95 (45 Min)
Rhonda Allison Seasonal Facial
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$120 (60 Min)

Advanced Facials

Rezenerate Nano Infusion Facial
Advanced technology to achieve dramatic results. Deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, diminishes fine lines, targets skin imperfections and achieves tighter, plumper, more radiant skin.
*Great for all skin types.
$180 (60 min)
Youth Infusing Age Reversal
The most cutting-edge science and natural, ground breaking ingredients that will firm, tone and communicate to cells to produce more collagen.
*Not suitable for sensitive or acne prone skin
$165 (60 Min)
Detox Pore Cleansing
$145 (60 Min)
With Celuma Treatment
An intense cleansing facial with products to aid in clearing out congested and/or enlarged pores. Adding a Celluma treatment will kill acne causing bacteria for greater long-lasting results.
*Great for all skin types.
$185 (90 Min)
Brighten Up Infusion
Awaken the skin for a bright, luminous glow using the power of vitamin C and E.
*For uneven skin tones caused by sun damage or acne scarring
$135 (60 Min)
Naturally Soothing
Soothing treatment using specialty extracts and therapeutic masks to soothe and calm sensitive skin.
*Good for all skin types
$135 (60 Min)
Celluma Express Facial Treatment
$60 (60 Min)
Celluma Series of 6 Treatments
Skin is cleansed, Celluma LED Light Therapy is used to treat skin for acne or anti-aging, then finished with serums, moisturizer & SPF.

Facial Upgrades

Hydro Jelly Mask
Powerful skincare nutrients are pushed into your skin as this mask sets, while encouraging smoothing, toning & hydration.
Facial Cupping
Gentle, effective treatment to encourage lymphatic drainage and improve Circulation. Benefits include stimulating collagen production, relaxing muscle tension, toning, decreasing puffiness and minimizing the appearance of scars and fine lines.
Soothing Eye Repair Treatment
Soothe tired eyes, minimize inflammation and fine lines with our peptide enriched eye treatment.
Relaxing Back Massage
Added to any facial for pure peaceful enjoyment
Youthful Hand Treatment
This hand treatment will brighten skin tone and reduce age spots for a more youthful appearance with vital antioxidants and healing ingredients to soothe itchy dry skin.
Aromatherapy Foot Massage
A foot massage with hot towels and aromatherapy relaxes the whole body.
Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
Will Reduce Breakage And Strengthen All Hair Types
Celluma LED Light Therapy
$40 (30 Min)

Rejuvenating Peels

Rhonda Allison rejuvenation peels are essential for restoring and maintaining healthy skin. They will improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.
For best results we recommend a series of 3 or more.
Level 1 Progressive
Our mildest peel application. Helps remove the top layer of dead skin and leaves you with fresh and glowing skin. These peels can be done every two weeks for as long as needed with no down time.
Level 2 Mid-Depth
Provides more of a full face exfoliation with mild flaking occurring within 2 to 3 days. These peels may be done monthly for as long as needed. Pre and post care is required*.
Level 3 Deep
Affects the deepest intra-epidermal layers. The skin undergoes considerable peeling 3 to 4 days after application. Pre and post care required*.


Series of 3
Save $30
Series of 6
Save $90
*25% off all Pre and Post Care Products Recommended by your Esthetician

DMK Skin Revision Treatments

DMK treatments nourish and detoxify skin from the inside out, priming cells, capillaries & lymph vessels to perform at optimal levels. The live enzymes work on the internal structures and functions of the skin, you will literally feel nutrients being pulled into your skin as the mask tightens. The pumping action aids intracellular detoxification while also providing fresh oxygenation.
A DMK Revision series is perfect for anyone looking to firm skin and decrease wrinkles. heal acne, plump up tired and sallow skin, brighten dark spots or overall skin appearance, and look your best for a special event or for vacation.
DMK Level 1
A DMK enzyme treatment with varying active products, chosen by your skincare professional after skin analysis and consultation. All revision series start at this level.
$195 (90 Min)
DMK Level 2
A stronger exfoliation and double layer of enzymes for intense nutrition infusion and collagen support. Plumping, firming & dramatically hydrating.
*Level 2 can be scheduled after your first 2 appointments and a consultation with your revision therapist.
$235* (90 Min)
DMK Clinical Skin Revision Kick-Start
2 Level 1 Treatments and Free Home Care Kit, Valued at $120
*It is strongly recommended to schedule your first two appointments 2 weeks apart. This is an Introductory offer only.
DMK Level 1 Package*
3 Treatments for $540

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