4 Tips To Help You Achieve Your Glossy Hair Goals

4 Tips To Help You Achieve Your Glossy Hair Goals

Trends come and go but healthy, shiny hair never goes out of style.
A variety of factors influence the appearance of your hair, including genetics, diet, and the environment, some are easier to control than others. Keeping this in mind here are some tips that will help you get closer to achieving your hair goals for shiny, lustrous hair.

1. A Good Place To Start Is Shopping For A Sulfate Free Shampoo.

Sulfates may leave your hair feeling clean but they are also stripping your hair of natural oil necessary for healthy hair. In addition to a sulfate free shampoo, a clarifying shampoo once a week is a great way to remove build-up and help beneficial products work more effectively. Clarifying shampoos just happen to be sulfate free!

2. Invest In A Silk Pillowcase

Not only are they luxurious, and elegant, sleeping on silk will reduce friction and help nourishing hair products to stay in your hair as silk is less absorbent than cotton.

3. Book A Gloss Treatment

A gloss is used to tone or refresh the color and can also be a finish to a color application. A gloss will coat and seal the hair cuticle creating a sleek, light reflecting shine! Some glosses are clear while others contain color pigments to enhance your existing color.

4. Supplements Are A Great Way To Boost Hair Health And Shine

Omegas are amazing for both hair and skin health and can be found in chia, flax, fish, and nuts.
Biotin is a B complex vitamin that assists with cell proliferation and the production of protein necessary for healthy hair growth.
Vitamin C is a building block for collagen and amino acids that your cells use to build Keratin.
Vitamin D is necessary for proper hair growth and the creation of new follicles.
Vitamin E enriches your scalp, giving your hair a healthy place to grow, while zinc and iron also play important roles in your hair’s overall health.

Pampering your hair and taking the right steps towards keeping it healthy will get you some seriously shiny, lustrous hair in return.