Are You Ready For the Best Skin of Your Life?

Are You Ready For the Best Skin of Your Life?

Let Us Introduce You to DMK Clinical Skincare Treatments

DMK Clinical Treatments are a celebrity favorite, and for good reason- live enzymes work on the internal structures and functions of the skin, nourishing and detoxifying from the inside out.

DMK Skin Revision is a customized treatment series based upon four principles: remove, rebuild, protect and maintain. 

A DMK treatment is designed to unclog pores, dissolve dead cells and impurities trapped within your skin. It also restores oxygen and vital cellular nutrition. DMK treatments work by stimulating naturally occurring collagen production to restore the structural integrity back into your skin. The treatment acts as a detox for your face; lifting and tightening your skin to create a more youthful, firmer and glowing appearance. Naturally, we are all meant to have healthy skin but environmental factors like sun exposure and air pollution can cause our skin to become dull, congested and to age prematurely.

DMK Treatments work to:

-Break down dead skin cells

-Increase cellular activity to promote healthy skin function

-Encourage the production of new collagen to create

 plumper looking skin

-Improve lymphatic drainage to reduce breakouts and redness

-Flush the skin with fresh nutrients

Unlike other treatments that only work on the surface of the skin, DMK Treatments work on a deeper level to treat:

-Acne and impurities trapped beneath the skin

-Visible scars

-Rough skin

-Fine lines like crow’s feet and smile lines


-Skin Texture

-Pigmentation and skin tone

-Dull Skin

-Sagging skin

A DMK Revision series is perfect for anyone looking to firm skin and decrease wrinkles. heal acne, plump up tired and sallow skin, brighten dark spots or overall skin appearance, and look your best for a special event or for vacation.